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Almost forgot! Also doing pens! #shaunmakes #woodworking

Ah yes… #woodworking #glue #shaunmakes

Shop is up and running! Let me know if you have any special orders: knives, furniture, decoratives?

New Stuff!

Hey everyone! 

Some of you have seen these already, but it’s something that I’m really excited about and wanted to get off the ground!

I’ve been making knives! 

Each of these custom handled knives I made as gifts for my groomsmen. I’m super pleased with how they turned out and now I’m opening up my future pieces to the public for purchase! I’m willing to customize the knife to your specifications and can offer advice on wood species and knife styling to suit your interests! Need a new chef’s knife for the kitchen? Something small for your EDC? A buckknife for the rugged outdoorsman?

I’m making these with a variety of steel types until I lock down a prefered type, some are heat treated, some are cryo (some are both) for hardness and toughness. All are hand sharpened before they’ll be sent out. 

Optionally, I’ll build a box to go with your knife, using the same wood species included on your handle to detail the box!

Keep in mind that I’m working in Canada, so certain styles of knives (butterfly knives, automatic knives and some switchblades) are illegal. Fixed and folding blades are typically a-okay!  

Take a look at the photos, let me know what you think! Contact me any way you know how (including my website shaunmakes.com)

My invincible needs work, but first try at gore ain’t too bad #dontshowmom #invincible #ink #comics

I keep buying things that are borderline pink…

Is this thing working now?

I don’t know how I managed this




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